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Why Our Products Get An A+!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

At Glow, our corrective skincare brands range from medical-grade to botanical based. Even better, our products are formulated to travel deeper than just the surface layer of the skin - making vital changes to clients' skin concerns over time.

So, let's break this down, over-the-counter products are made in mass production. Products need to get on the shelves fast and companies want them made the cheapest way possible for maximum profits.

Also, products that can be found at local stores, are made with marketing at the forefront of their brands, e.x. eye-catching colours, fancy bottle shapes, nice textures, and of course… fragrance. These are all aspects that make it easier to reel people into purchasing their products! Pretty shady am I right?!

Mass production also calls for these companies to insert a lot of fillers to make the product more shelf stable as they are unsure how log the product will be sitting on store shelves.

So, why our products?

Our corrective skincare brands at GLOW are made in small batches, each item being curated and formulated in a lab with science at the forefront of the brands. These products aren’t rushed, why? Each product is created, studied, altered, studied again, and have clinical studies to back their claims. These products aren’t a quick time fix, or a “feel good” product, they're made to correct your skin.

Also the raw ingredients are of a much higher quality - each ingredient is researched and studied on how it will react to the other ingredients within the product and, how long it will take to show signs of improvement. You get what you pay for!

Our brands are also award winning, and verified by some big players like the Swiss Vitamin Institute, and the Skin Cancer Foundation. We also test the products ourselves! We would never want to offer anything to our clients if we haven't tried it and loved it ourselves!

Quick little science fact!

Premium skincare contains 2400 liposomes per drop (liposomes are responsible for delivering the active ingredients to the cells) vs low-quality products have fewer liposomes per drop and the actives within the liposomes are of a lower quality. Not even that…some of the liposomes don’t contain anything, sometimes just water... oh boy...

Lets take a look at how to products compare:

Product A: Over the counter

“Get clearer skin in just 3 days with our powerful salicylic acid cleanser”

Ingredients: Salicylic acid…everything else? Fragrance, parabens, fillers, etc.

Product B: Corrective Skincare

“Reduce your acne with our amazing cleanser that helps to detox impurities such as blackheads, and papules, while calming inflammation.”

Ingredients: Mulberry extract, Peppermint, Bearberry, willow bark extract, Green Tea, Vitamin E, and the list goes on!

*wink wink* these ingredients are from Sorella Apothecary's Lychee Willow Bark Cleanser!

We hope you found this educational and feel free to connect with us for help in finding the products that are best for you!


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