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Chilly Season is Here! What does that mean for your skincare?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

women trying an oil product on her hand

Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching. So what does that mean for your skin?

Colder weather tends to leave the skin barrier feeling dry, cracked and dehydrated! (Don't forget dry and dehydrated are different but feel similar!) That can lead to not only discomfort, dull looking skin, but also can compromise your barrier. So how do we solve this issue?

When winter approaches we swap out our summer shorts for warm leggings and fuzzy sweaters, it’s the same concept as skincare. Summer skincare tends to be more lightweight and gel based for when those sweaty days.

Well… for winter, we want to make sure that: - our products are more rich in texture to protect our barrier from the cold dry air

- We are layering serums from water based to oil based or thinnest to thickest

- We are still wearing SPF

- Exfoliating regularly for better product penetration and brighter skin

- and incorporating oils as the last step to lock in products and prevent water from evaporating from our skin.

This will protect the skins barrier, preventing irritated, dehydrated, dry skin leaving you hydrated, plumped, calm, and smooth all winter long.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite winter moisturizers:

** These products can also be used all year round if you're dry or like something heavier at night**

Pop in so we can help you find the right products for “chilly” season!


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