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What is an express facial?
An express facial takes place in our express facial treatment area and you'll be in and out in less than an hour! 

All express facials* include the standard pre-cleanse, cleanse, exfoliation, steam, toner, serums, moisturiser, and basic extractions. Each facial is then customized based on your individual needs. 

Is an express facial for me?
An express facial is for you if: 

-You are short on time 

-Need a pre-event pick me up 

-Are pregnant 

-Are a teen 

-Want to have a girls afternoon
-Or have never had a treatment before and have no current homecare routine, then this is a great place to start! 


If you are looking for a full treatment that includes a massage, mask, or have specific skin goals, we recommend one of our full service medical facials. 



Express Facials






Jelly Mask 

LED Light Therapy 












Includes pressure point massage, and cold globes with a soothing mask. 

Recommended for those who have sensitive skin, Rosacea, or who are pregnant. Pregnancy safe - No high frequency or steam.



Includes High frequency, full extractions, and cold globes with a soothing mask.

Recommended for those who are experiencing acne, congestion, and wanting additional time for extractions. Can be made pregnancy safe




Includes peel with sculpting massage.

Recommended for those who are looking to target pigmentation or achieve a more even skin tone.



Includes stimu glow solution, Sculpting massage, and microcurrent.

Recommended for those who are looking for a pre-event pick me up, toning and lifting, or are experiencing signs of aging. 


Consistency is key to keep your skin protected, rejuvenated, and healthy!