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Who is GLOW Beauty Bar?

Updated: Apr 1

I still remember sitting on that high school bus when the “cool kid” came up to me and asked “whats up with your skin, don’t you wash your face?” back in those days there were no #acnepositivity influencers on Instagram (who am I kidding, there was no Instagram back then but I don’t want to age myself) and one thing I know now is a lot of my skin issues had nothing to do with my skincare routine. After I tried “everything” (only prescription medications) I finally was put on Accutane and it worked! I had clear skin along with all of the other side effects, but I was no longer hiding my face in the high school halls. I even remember an older student also riddled with acne asked me “how did you clear your skin?!” funny how the world works cause now she is also a successful spa owner in Toronto!

Throughout college I fell in love with skincare, and sold skincare and cosmetics part time, (mostly to get it at a discount for myself) and I learned the basics. During this time, I also fell in love with tanning beds (give me a break, it was the early 2000’s when tanning beds were cool) Talk about take 1 step forward and 2 steps back!

It wasn’t until around 2010 when I learned about spray tanning and I loved getting a deep bronzed glow in about 10 mins flat. I loved it so much, I started a mobile spray tanning business “Spray Tanz Mobile Boutique” in 2014 and continued with selling skincare full time along with spray tanning.

I can still remember the moment that changed everything for me … I was trekking up the 400 to teach a new client the basics of skincare and how to do a simple makeup look. As I entered her home, I stumbled over the toys in my high heels and sat down with my shy new client and her young daughter watching our every move. By the end of the 2 hours, the young mother couldn’t take her eyes off of herself! She was smiling, confident, and blossomed into a whole new person right before my eyes! She did not buy 1 thing but I left there feeling like I had sold a million dollars. For one moment, I felt that I was able to help someone feel more confident and become a better version of themselves. I was on cloud 9 the entire way home. I realized the impact that confidence has on our daily lives and remember her little daughters eyes watching our every move. This is it, I thought… I want to help people feel more confident on a bigger level. I wish when I was a teenager, I would have met someone like myself who could have helped me on my journey to clear skin and confidence.

2014 – 2018 seems like a blur … completing 1 program after another, one certificate after another, hungry for information while running my business.

I wanted to create a unique, relaxing experience while delivering RESULTS! In 2018 we opened our doors and I’ve since been developing aestheticians who embody our core values: Integrity, WOW factor, growth mindset, results driven team players who support our clients wellbeing. I am super proud of our team and what we have achieved so far and hope you’ve had the chance to come into GLOW to experience some of unique features including aromatherapy scents for your selection that will be diffused in your treatment room, complimentary drinks and snacks to enjoy from our curated menu, and your choice of music to relax to. Your service is customized just for you from start to finish. I can’t wait to see the GLOW in your skin and most importantly, the GLOW in your eyes.

Ashley Cammisuli - Owner & Medical Aesthetician

GLOW Beauty Bar was founded in 2014 by Ashley Cammisuli

Ashley began her career selling skin care and cosmetic products, eventually incorporating additional services such as spray tanning and makeup applications, operating as a mobile beauty bar to bring her high quality service to clients’ homes. Ashley has had the opportunity to work in fashion shows, television, bridal, charity events, TIFF and much more! Ashley has since further expanded her knowledge and holds over 20 certifications, including a certification in medical aesthetics that allows her to offer her clients medical spa treatments. After four years of running a mobile makeup services business, Ashley opened GLOW's first boutique facial spa in April 2018. Since then, GLOW has had the privilege of being nominated over 9 times and is on track for becoming one of Torontos top facial spa locations. Ashley has most recently introduced Glowtox - her own line of Beauty & Wellness products and is an instructor for both Glow Institute, and the Trillium College Spa Program. Ashley is committed to bringing in new product lines and services each year and providing all GLOW clients with the best results and unparalleled customer service.

Current Certifications

  • IBI Advanced Medi-Spa Therapist Honours Diploma

  • George Brown Beauty and Editorial Makeup Artist Certification

  • Venus Academy Venus Viva Certification

  • National Spray Tanning Association Sunless Masters Certification

  • NSTPA Spray Tanning Certification

  • Aviva Labs Sunless 101 Course

  • The Canadian Network of Makeup Artists Full Day Seminar Certificate

  • Basic Undergraduate Dermalogica Certificate of Completion

  • Sugarlash Pro Lash Lift Certification

  • Dermaspark E-stamp Microneedling Training Certificate

  • Clarion Lightsheer Laser Safety Training Certificate

  • IBI Dermaplaning Workshop Certification

  • IBI Microneedling Workshop Certification

  • Jem Aesthetics Academy Advanced Holistic Facial Techniques

  • The International Dermal Institute Acne, Aging Skin & Pigmentation Skin Series Classes

  • Infection Prevention & Control Certificate

  • Milady Infection Control

  • Pastiche - Understanding Anatomy & Physiology of the Hair Specific to Hair Reduction Modalities

  • Glo Aging by the Decade Workshop

  • Dr. Schrammek Green Peel Certificate

  • Glo Expert Studio Skincare & Beauty

  • Hydrafacial 101, 201 & 301 Online Training

  • The Science of Stem Cells, Growth Factors, & Cytokines In Aesthetics

  • AnteAGE® Product Education

  • The art of facial massage

  • HydraFacial treatments and procedures

  • Emergency first Aid & CPR Level C

  • Sharplight Rapid DPC Certification

  • Proage Neolifting Technique

  • PCA Skin Daily care product certification


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