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It pays to be a GLOW Member!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

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Becoming a Glow member has tons of perks for your skin AND your wallet.

Regular facial appointments are vital in achieving your skincare goals ... consistency is key!

Why Should you become a Member?

It’s important to create a schedule that will keep your skin on track in order to see changes. Just like the gym, most trainers will advise getting a workout in at least 3X a week. Well with skin, it’s the same! We advise that a treatment once a month is ideal to see changes in your skin, followed by excellent home care regimes.

Is that it?


Not only is being a member great for your skin but also for your pocket! We offer an additional 10% off products in-store and online, as well as 10% off of injectable services.

We are strong believers at GLOW that homecare is 80% of the work and 20% treatment services. Again, just like the gym, if you work out 3X a week but eat burgers every day for dinner, the results won’t be there.

We also invite all our members to exclusive VIP events to try new and old treatments for free! Why? We want to hear from our loyal clients how they feel about certain procedures/treatments. Your input matters to us so that we can give you the best experience necessary.

That is why we’ve created our GLOW membership so it can be flexible with everyones schedule and skincare goals.

Our members have said its the best money they've spent because they:

-Save money on their purchases &

-Achieve their skin goals faster

Our GLOW membership is $159 for the year and you will get:

  • 10% off retail products

  • 10% services

  • 10% add-ons

  • Priority scheduling

  • Custom face mask for every treatment

  • Free shipping

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Members-Only Promotions

  • Free led treatment after a facial*

  • 10% Nurse Injectable Treatments & Packages

  • Friends & Family Day Discounts

  • Birthday Week - 15% off of Services

And it doesn’t end there! We are constantly improving our membership program all the time.

Join our membership program and start GLOWing and saving today!

Questions about our membership? Learn more here


The GLOW Beauty Bar Team


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