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Welcome to Glow's Express Train

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Glow Beauty Bar presents to you our new express facials!

We have created four facials that help target the most common skin concerns in under 45 minutes. We chose to create a facial treatment that is quick for those of you on the go or who need a pick-me-up. Each treatment includes your typical facial steps with some added enhancements depending on your express facial of choice.

Our first express facial is called CALM, a treatment catered to those who have skin that is more on the sensitive/delicate side. This treatment is safe for clients who have rosacea, eczema and who are pregnant! We include calming properties and tools such as cold globes, soothing masks, and pressure point massage.

The second exciting express treatment is called CLEAR, a treatment catered to congested and acne-prone clients. This treatment consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation, high-frequency, LED light therapy, and extractions. This express facial is a great filler treatment for clients who are getting regular treatments and want to keep their skin smooth and fresh.

The third express facial is called BRIGHT, This treatment targets pigmentation for a more even skin tone. The Bright Express Facial includes a mini peel with a sculpting massage to help lift and plump the skin.

On the final roster of our express facials, we have our signature GLOW facial, this treatment is amazing to get before an event to enhance your skin's true glow! It includes a microcurrent tool that exercises the muscles in the face to strengthen and tone, a spicy stimulating serum that causes blood to carry oxygen to the tissues, and a sculpting massage!

So, are you ready to join our express train?


Glow Beauty Bar

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