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Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Sensitive skin needs love too!

At Glow we offer a handful of treatments that cater to sensitive skin types. After an in-depth consultation the perfect treatment options are chosen and discussed with you. Reminder: there are many different types of sensitivity - rosacea, eczema, inflammation, etc. and these inflammatory skin conditions must be taken care of before we can target other concerns you may have such as pigmentation or aging.

Heres a look at some of our treatments that might be appropriate for you and your sensitive skin:

  1. Facial

  2. Oxy Facial

  3. Stimu Facial

  4. Dermaplaning

  5. Nano Infusion (light pressure)

  6. Hydrafacial

  7. Medi facial

  8. Jet peel

  9. Microneedling (light needle depth, not recommended for rosacea)

  10. Microneedling 2.0 (light needle depth, not recommended for rosacea)

Can you believe that almost everything on our service menu can be customized for you and your sensitive skin?!

It’s also really important to prep your skin prior to getting treatments done…what does that mean? Homecare!

At Glow, depending on your skin barrier, if your skin isn’t ready for treatments we can always get you set up with a skin strengthening skincare routine as a prep!

Message us if you have any questions about your sensitive skin xo



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