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Skincare 101 for Everyday People

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When tending to your skin, it is not only important what you use- but how you use it. Depending on your skincare goals, your products may take various tones and textures which can make it confusing to know what to use when. It is important to be sure that your application of these products reach your skin in the most effective ways, in order to ensure your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and nourished. To assist you, we’ve created this cheat sheet to help you put your best skin forward. Allow the image below to provide you with a general idea of how much product to apply at any given moment.

1. Pre-Cleanse: 

Taking away the day full of sweat, oil, dirt and makeup is an absolute necessity prior to cleansing.  Some precleanse products come in the form of oils, micellar water, or maintain a texture somewhere in between.  Products with lighter, more watery textures should be applied to a cotton pad or gauze and gently moved across the face until all traces of grime are removed. If you prefer a product that is more oily in texture, you can apply this gently to your skin with your fingers, emulsify it by adding water to create a milky texture, and remove it with a clean sponge or cloth.

2. Cleanse:

Depending on your skin concerns, your cleanser could take the form of a gel, cream, or foamy texture. Regardless of the consistency, you should apply this step with clean fingers onto damp skin, adding water as you see fit to increase the lather, up to 60 seconds to ensure your skin is clean. You can rinse by splashing water onto your face, or by using  a clean sponge or cloth.

3. Exfoliate:

There are many different exfoliators on the market that cater to and are more appropriate for specific skin concerns. Amongst the most popular are enzyme, chemical and physical exfoliants.  Physical exfoliants work comparable to sandpaper on a wall, and will require you to maneuver the product across your skin to remove dead skin cells that have built up over time. Chemical exfoliants are similar to and oftentimes coupled with enzymatic exfoliants, and work by loosening the buildup of dead skin cells, which will slough off once the exfoliator is removed. The latter requires no manipulation to the skin at all, and therefore can be a bit more gentle for those with sensitized skin. When applying your physical exfoliator, a product that will noticeably contain some form of grit, you can use your fingers to massage gently in circular motions for 30-60 seconds- taking caution not to overdo it. When applying your enzymatic or chemical exfoliator, you are typically instructed to apply an even layer to your skin with your fingers or a fan brush, allowing some time to pass in order for the ingredients to do their work, and gently removing any excess with a clean sponge or cloth.  Either form of exfoliation will work, and you can do this 2-3 times a week to assist and promote the natural turnover of your skin’s cells.

4. Mask:

Masking is another versatile regime in skin care, that can take many forms and textures. Because each mask is intended for a specific purpose, it is wise to follow the instructions on the packaging or instructions provided by your skin care therapist to ensure correct usage and optimal results. A sheet mask for example can be applied after cleansing and toning, and prior to your serums and moisturizer- left on for the designated time found on the packaging. A detoxifying or charcoal mask can be applied sparingly to certain areas that are prone to breakouts or excess oil production, with your fingers or a fan brush, and removed after the allocated time with a clean sponge or cloth. A hydrating or soothing mask can be applied again with your fingers or a fan brush and depending on its design can be left on for quite a while- again removing it with a clean sponge or cloth. Be sure to read the instructions and ask your skin care therapist for advice on how to use each mask.  Typically, we recommend masking once a week.

5. Tone:

Although all toners generally maintain a water-like texture, they can come in various forms and packaging. If you are sure your skin is clean, and want to spritz a hydrating toner on your skin, by all means enjoy the mist. If you have a toner that is more active in nature and want to ensure the ingredients get as close to your skin as possible, we recommend applying your toner to a gauze or cotton pad and swiping it all over your skin. This is comparable to any complexion pads that come soaked in a toning solution. Not only will you be able to see any residual gunk left after your double cleanse, your skin will feel fresh, rebalanced, hydrated  and prepped for what comes next. 

6. Serums:

Serums typically maintain a lighter consistency with smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into the skin.  We recommend using your clean fingers to tap the product into your skin, focusing on any areas of concern. You can combine this with a sweeping motion in order to assist product delivery. When layering serums, be sure to apply in order of thinnest to thickest. 

7. Eye Cream:

When applying cream to this delicate area,  lightly use your ring fingers to stipple the product around the orbital bone. Don’t worry about getting too close to the eye itself as the product will naturally move.

8. Moisturizer:

When applying your moisturizer, use clean fingers to spread a good amount evenly over the surface of your skin. You can use a sweeping motion to ensure all areas are covered. 

9. Sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen is something we urge you to do, and lucky for you there are so many ways to do it! You can find a daily moisturizer that has UVA/UVB protection to apply at the end of your morning routine to start your day.  Because these can only protect you for so long throughout the day, we also recommend using a skin shield powder like the colorscience Sunforgettable SPF brush. You can simply sweep this product over your makeup to elongate your protection until the sun goes down. 

We hope this simple guide provided you with useful information on how to properly use your products so that you can step up your skincare game. Stop by GLOW Beauty Bar for product recommendations, to learn about their benefits and the results the products will provide!

Happy skin pampering!




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