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Let's Shed Some Skin the Natural Way!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

girl holding a jar of green peel powder with the green peel on her face

If you could picture superfood for your face; shedding and detoxing away all of your dead skin, this is it!

A healthy herbal botanical peel that will help rid the skin of pigmentation, acne, loss of elasticity and dullness. Created by mother and daughter duo, Dr. Christine Schrammek and Christina Drusio - is a blend of herbs massaged deeply into the skin for 10 minutes - sinking the herbs deep into the skin causing cellular turnover and change. In just 5 days you can achieve amazing results, with full results seen within 30 days.

explaining how the peel works into the cells

What’s in a herbal green peel ?

  • Aloe vera (healing, moisturizing)

  • Marigold (anti-inflammatory)

  • Horsetail (strengthens tissue)

  • Chamomile (anti-bacterial)

  • Alga (contains 259 active ingredients)

  • Ulva Lactic (purifying)

  • Focus Vesiculosus (rich in vitamin C)

  • Pansy ( natural derivative of salicylic acid)

  • Lungwort (regenerates cells)

  • Ribwort (restoring the epidermis; first layer of the skin)

What to expect?

Clients are given post care products so they can treat their skin correctly from home. Green Peel is a unique treatment where it’s super important the client DOES NOT get their face wet for 5 days, why? As the green peel is pushed into skin, for 5 days it’s regenerating the skin by making contact with your “original cells” underneath and repairing any damage. Again, it’s repairing aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, scar tissue, etc.

On day 1 - 2 clients can expect that their skin will feel warm, red, tight, sensitive to touch, and on day 2-5 clients can expect to see skin shedding, flaking, dry, and slightly itchy.

On the 5th day, the client will return to spa to get a thorough follow up facial, which is included in the treatment price! Photos will be taken so client can see the change in their skin in just 5 days.

showing results form the peel

What makes this treatment a bonus is that it can be done and is safe on any skin type. Let me explain! A lot of peels and lasers that are made for pigmentation removal and controlling acne, are not all safe for darker/melanated skin tones. Time and time again, clients that have a deeper skin tone, have to stick to old fashion peel and doing about 6-7 treatments to see change, vs lasers and high intense peels that only need 3. Thankfully green peel is super safe and recommended for clients with fair, medium, tan, and darker skin tones.

Come visit us to see our before and after pictures and the amazing results we have achieved with Green Peel.


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