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The Natural Green Peel For Complete Skin Renewal

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Are your skin concerns piling up one after the other? Looking for a total do-over? We’ve got you covered!

Here at GLOW, we are constantly searching for the most effective products and treatments to bring to you - and we’re confident that we’ve found a gem! 

The Dr. Schrammek Green Peel is an all natural peel comprised of herbs, enzymes and plant-derived nutrients that are designed to regenerate, renew and refresh your skin in ONE shot. This treatment targets everything from over-active sebum production, to pigmentation, and unwanted signs of aging. By going deep into the skin, we are able to stimulate detoxifying and regenerative processes that prevent our skin concerns from reoccurring, while combatting pre-existing concerns as well. 

With this treatment, you will notice an increased circulation to the overall facial area promoting brightness and lustre, the elimination of pigmentation, increase of collagen synthesis and skin strength that will lessen the appearance of lines, improved texture, and a carried-out comedolytic effect that will unclog and prevent the clogging of sebaceous glands going forward - restricting future acneic outbursts. This peel really does it all! 

The beauty is that we can design a treatment plan that is fully customizable to you. Whether we take it low and slow, or deep and fast, will determine how much you peel and how quickly you see results. But let me assure you, the results are inevitable and ten-fold - you will come running back for more!

Ask us about the Green Peel treatment at your next consultation if you’re looking for a complete detox that will regenerate and give your skin the boost it needs to reset!


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