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New Treatment Alert!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

We’ve got another one! We’re happy to announce we’re now introducing another treatment to our service menu- Jet Peels.

What is it?

Jet peel is a non-invasive treatment that is suitable for all skin types and concerns, using powerful jet stream pressure to push amazing serums/solutions deep into the dermis layer of the skin. What’s amazing about this treatment is that there is no downtime, and the skin looks instantly refreshed and renewed. Jet peel treatments can help with anti-aging, acne, dry skin, and skin sensitivity and brightening.

This powerful treatment starts with soothing lymphatic drainage using its signature 'detox water' to drain any toxins that are being stored in your facial lymph nodes - resulting in clients' facial structure looking more toned and depuffed. The second step to this procedure is to exfoliate any debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria that may be lying on the skin angled at a 45-degree angle. With specialized exfoliants, this will add benefits to leaving the skin much smoother and clean.

The third step is serums! Now that the skin has thoroughly been exfoliated by the power jet handle piece, we penetrate serums pertaining to the client’s skin concerns at a 90-degree angle so that they can sink faster and deeper into the skin. Using the same pressurized jet handpiece, this will push products faster into the skin rather than applying them regularly with your fingers.

Wait there’s more!

This treatment is so non-invasive that it can be done a week apart from each other, which means…faster results.


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