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GLOW Services: Hydrafacial MD

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Let me introduce you to our #1 treatment! Hydrafacial is a machine-operated facial that cleanses, replenishes, extracts, and infuses…the ultimate detox for your skin. Using powerful ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and antioxidants to give your skin the ultimate glow. Here at GLOW we like to describe this treatment as a “vacuum” suction sucking up all the congestion out of your skin. All you'll feel is wet, gentle sucking with the rough tip. What’s also neat about this treatment is that we can show you everything that has come out of the skin in the gunkie jar. The gunkie jar holds all the fluid extracted from each each step so you can see the results for yourself. This treatment is great for all skin types and concerns and will leave you feeling soft, bright, and CLEAN! Perfect for a post summer clean out.

The Steps of a HydraFacial

  1. Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliation With a custom tip and glycolic serum

  2. Step 2: Gentle Chemical Peel with glycolic and salicylic acids

  3. Step 3: Extractions with a vortex tip and salicylic serum

  4. Step 4: Application of a serum rich with peptides and hydrating properties

Following the Hydrafacial, we also include massage, jelly mask, and finishing products for the ultimate glow.

Add- on that will boost this treatment:

24K Gold Mask


Lymphatic Drainage

Holistic Anti-Aging Face Massage

Additional extraction time

LED Light Therapy

Neck, Chest & Hands

Lip & Eye Perk


Hydrafacial Booster

Member Pricing | $193.50 Non-Member Pricing | $215





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