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Peeling Season is Not Over Yet!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

women getting a peel brushed on her face

Full peeling ahead!

Let us introduce you to our new Circadia Mandiclear Peel - Circadia is a professional skincare brand that was founded by a doctor who dove into the world of skin and how it works. Circadia skincare is revolved around the skin and the bodies circadian rhythm - “defending the skin from damage during the day, and stimulating repair during sleep.”

Our new Medi Peel treatment is the ultimate ethanol based peel for clients who are looking to repair dull, acneic, dry, aging, sundamaged, pigmented skin. This treatment can be used on any skin tone and take less than 30 minutes within our express facial area.

Our advanced Medi Peel is not recommended for first time peel clients. A professional homeware routine is recommended for the two weeks prior to your medi peel treatment to properly prepare your skin. We recommend a progressive treatment plan starting with our no peel peels first (labeled as chemical peel on our service menu) before advancing to the "Medi Peel" to ensure a safe and effective treatment. A commitment of 3-6 treatments is recommended for best results every 6-8 weeks.

How does it work ?

The Medi Peel contains 7% lactic acid, 9% mandelic acid, 7% resourcinol and 7% salicylic acid - key ingredients in helping with hydration, anti-aging (cell turnover), acne, and hyperpigmentation. This peel travels deep into the layers of the skin, encouraging cellular turnover.

Breakdown of the treatment:

  • Pre cleanse

  • Cleanse

  • Layer of mandiclear (up to 3 layers allowed with 5-7 minutes between each layer)

  • Vitamin A accelerator (up to 3 layers allowed with 5-7 minutes between each layer)

  • Lip balm

Because of the acids and the strict protocol from Circadia, this treatment can't have the usual additives that we offer at glow such as a jelly mask, facial massage, LED light therapy, etc. But the results are amazing! After the peel is applied to the skin, you cannot get apply water or products for 12 hours, this is key to the success of the Medi peel. Any water or moisture applied to the skin during this time can cause a chemical burn so strict post care must be followed. You will expect peeling starting on day 2 for about 4 -6 days, followed with sensitivity, dry skin, mild irritation, and redness.

What NOT to do after a Medi peel:

  • NO sauna for 2 weeks

  • NO jacuzzi for 2 weeks

  • NO swimming for 2 weeks

  • NO water on face for 12 hours

  • NO products on skin fr 12 hours

  • NO exfoliation, acid, waxing, threading or acids on the skin for 2 weeks

  • NO exercising, alcohol or raising of the body temperature for 24 hours

You will receive a post-procedure skincare kit that will have products you will need to apply for the following “peel” week that comes with step by step instructions.

Will you be trying our new Medi peel ?


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