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Supplements Bioavailability

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Before choosing any supplement, you need to be sure the ingredients are bio-available. This means how much of the components your body is capable of absorbing and how much is able to use or store.

Not because a supplement package says it contains a certain amount of a particular nutrient, it necessarily means that your body will absorb all of it. Prescription medication, alcohol, caffeine, digestive disorders, and stress are factors that can reduce supplements bioavailability by negatively affecting your body’s absorption of nutrients.

To gain full health benefits from your supplements, you want your body to absorb and use the nutrients they provide as much as possible. There are 4 main factors that will make a big difference.

  1. When - Know the right time of the day that is best to take the supplement.

  2. With what - Almost all supplements should be taken with food for optimal absorption (there are some exceptions as probiotics).

  3. How - Some supplements should be taken together because their nutrients support each other’s bioavailability while others should be taken separately since their nutrients compete with each other for absorption.

  4. Storage - Most supplements should be stored in a cool and dry area.

Research and inform yourself as much as you need to feel comfortable and get the best results. Remember that results are not dependent on the amount of an ingredient in the supplement but the combination of all the ingredients it is made of.

If you're looking for help on what supplements work best for you, our Aestheticians at GLOW are ready to answer all your questions.

Choose your supplements wisely!



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