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"Is This New Sunscreen Line the Ultimate Solution for Sun Protection? Find Out at GLOW Beauty Bar!"

Welcome ETA MD!

There’s a new it-girl in town and she is a celeb favourite, award winning brand. Welcome ELTA MD to the GLOW Family. We love to ensure we are providing the best quality products and formulas for all of our clients unique skin preferences and concerns. Sunblocks help to prevent pigmentation, dehydration, aging and skin cancer which is why it is an integral part of EVERYONES skincare routine.

This line of SPF products were first created by a Swiss company in 1970 to help treat burn victims. Since then, they have made this medical grade sunblock line available world-wide in many award winning formulations. We love Elta MD because their products provide broad specturm UV coverage, are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, are not tested on animals, dye free, non-comedogenic, gluten free, fragrance free, BPA free, paraben free, reef safe, oil free and more!

With formulas available for all skin types and tones, let’s breakdown the ones now available at GLOW In-store and online.


Clear is available in a TINED and NON-TINED formula with a Sun protection factor of 46. This top-selling hybrid formula is a mix between chemical and mineral protection that is great for men, sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne skin conditions that are combination/oily.

This clear formula sinks into the skin leaving no trace or heavy feeling while it also calms and hydrates with powerful antioxidant ingredients lie hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, lactic acid, and 5% niacinimide.


Daily is also available in a TINTED and NON-TINTED formula with a sun protection factor of 40. This Hailey Bieber favourite is a hybrid mix between chemical and mineral protection that is great for dry to normal skin types that like more hydration but that is still oil free. This moisturizing formula can be used post procedure and hydrates with vitamin E & Hyaluronic acid.

Why use an SPF? Sunblocks help to block UVA & UVB rays to prevent burns and aging. The uv rays break down your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid leading to aged, dehydrated skin. Damaged cells and melanocytes also cause hyperpigmentation causing uneven skin tone.

FAQ: How do the products have a tint? Elta MD uses the power of natural iron oxides to provide colour within their products that provide a flawless finish with no white cast.

Hot Tip: Do you find your SPF is pilling on top of your other products? Try patting in your hands first before applying or blend in with your moisturizer.

Check out our next blog to see which SPF is best for you or shop all options here

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