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Introducing GLOW Beauty Bar’s newest service: The Mela-Bright Peel Series!

Updated: Feb 14


before and after after only 1 peel
Results after only 1 peel and 30 days of homecare use.

Cooler weather and more time indoors and out of the sunshine means peel season has commenced.

Our newest service, the "Mela-Bright Peel Series" is a brightening chemical peel from Spain that specifically targets pigmentation such as sun damage, freckles, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma leaving a brighter more even skin tone.

This peel is available in two formulas to be able to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6 (Caucasian and Ethnic)!

But not only do you receive a series of 3 peels, you also receive over $900 in home care products to help suppress pigmentation production and maintain your results.

By pairing the peel series with products we are targeting every layer of melanogenisis for a successful peel season.

What is included in the price?

Included in the mela-bright peel series price is:

1) 3 x peels/treatments that take place in-spa within a private treatment room and is applied to the face, neck and chest 2) $921.48 in home care products to last the three-month period following each peel along with the specific order of application and homecare instructions.

-1 x day treatment serum (containing sun-safe ingredients including CAUCASIAN: mandelic acid, phytic acid, glutathione. ETHNIC: phytic acid, glutathione, & pyruvic acid)

-1 x night treatment serum (Includes repair ingredients including CAUCASIAN: Arbutin, azelaic acid, thioctic acid. ETHNIC: mandelic acid, arbutin & ascorbic acid)

-2 x Dry repair Creams (hydrates & soothes)

-2 x Moist Serums (Moisturizes & protects)

The homecare regimen is included with the price of the peels as the products are imperative for best results. The only additional homecare products you would use during this time is a gentle cleanser and a 50SPF sunscreen!

How does the peel work?

The unique ingredient blend within the chemical peels help to provide a strong control and inhibition action against melanin synthesis, intervening in the pre-synthesis processes, directly inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme, degranulating the intra-keratinocyte pigment, and favouring epidermal turnover and the removal of pigmented cells.

Caucasian peel ingredients: Azelaic Acid · Tranexamic Acid · Arbutin · Kojic Acid · Lactobionic Acid · Sodium Hyaluronate · Retinal · Phenylethyl Resorcinol

The ethnic peel elements combine to provide total control over irritation and inflammatory activity, forming a product with outstanding melanin synthesis inhibitory action with epithelial turnover, but without the risk of rebound pigmentation, a significant aspect when treating ethnic skin.

Ethnic peel ingredients: Mandelic Acid · Ascorbic Acid · Tranexamic Acid · Phytic Acid · Pyruvic Acid · Salicylic Acid · Retinal · Sodium Hyaluronate

What can I expect afterwards?

After the peel is applied it is normal to experience redness, and of-course peeling within the week following treatment.

After your first treatment, you would then start your provided homecare regimen at home. Your second and third treatments will be 5 weeks apart.

Can you pair this series with other services?

This mela-bright peel series paired with Microneedling is chefs kiss as we now have a new microneedling serum that is specifically for melasma and pigmentation.

Tips for a successful mela-bright peel series!

1) Hydrate! Dehydration leads to a deeper, harsher peel making your skin more sensitive and inflamed. By keeping yourself and your skin hydrated you will heal faster and have optimal results.

2) Have a healthy diet before & after your peel! Sugar specifically leads to generalized inflammation of the skin and can result in adverse outcomes. By incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods, healthy fats, vegetables and proteins, you are setting your body up for faster healing, and brighter, more clear skin.

3) Balance your hormones! Hormonal changes lead to inflammation, dehydration, breakouts, and can trigger or exasperate conditions such as melasma. Have your hormone levels checked to ensure there is nothing out of the ordinary that would prevent you from having amazing results and maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimal hormonal balance.

4) Follow the strict pre & post protocols for best results and to limit adverse effects.

Some adverse effects could be:

-peel penetrating too deep


-redness & inflammation


-PIH or darkening of the skin

Who is it NOT For?

· Someone who has had excessive recent sun exposure or a sunburn

· Present eczema or dermatitis

· History of herpes simplex infection

· Use of Accutane within the last 6 months

· Any medium or deep peel within the last 6 months

· Currently taking photosensitizing medications (see list)

· Allergy to any of the peel ingredients or asprin

· Presence of skin infection or broken skin

· Treatment with chemotherapy, biologics and/or radiation therapy in the past 6 months or currently

· Active autoimmune disease or immunodeficiency

· Presence of severe inflammatory acne

· Family or personal history of keloid formation

· Active Pregnancy, planning on becoming pregnant

To ensure the safest peel, you can always prep your skin one month prior to your peel. It allows for incremental and consistent changes to skintone and reduces risk of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Additionally, Pre-Peeling helps to improve adjustment to the necessary process of suppression of uneven skintone.

This pre-peel protocol is recommended for those who are skin type 4-6, have a history of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from peels, history of severe skin allergies, or sensitive skin.

What is the price?

The mela-bright peel series: $1,500

How long does each peel take?

Each peel application takes about 1 hour or less.

Can this be done anytime of year?

No - This service is best performed in fall/winter months when there is less sun exposure & heat.

Want to learn more?

If you have pigmentation and desire a more even skintone, book a consultation with one of our aestheticians to learn if the mela-bright peel series is the best option for you!

RSVP to our peel event to learn if the mela bright peel is right for you

We can’t wait to show you more before and afters!

See you soon!

The GLOW Team



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