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Oils are your acnes best friend!

If you’re looking for plump, hydrated, glowy skin then oils can work wonders! However, people still question it because of the many misconceptions it comes with.

Sorella Facial Nectar Product Bottle
Sorella Apothecary's Facial Nectar

Adding oil to your skin, whether it’s naturally dry or oily, doesn’t make it oilier. Your skin has a natural barrier of oil to begin with so when applying an oil (one that should be chosen for your specific skin type) it can actually control sebum production and the antioxidants can help with the redness and irritation that results from acne. Oils don’t simply sit on top of your skin. The ones with essential fatty acids are similar to the oil you naturally produce so it absorbs right in. Serum oils are perfect for daytime use so they don’t feel heavy and can even be used under makeup! Different oils have different properties so it’s important to look out for the ones that’ll give you the results you’re looking for. GLOW carries oils by Sat Yuga Life that are made with a mixture of amazing oils. The PM Botanical Serum is made up of oils such as Seabuckthorn Oil, Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Jojoba Oil. These oils are deeply moisturizing, skin regenerating, able to heal inflammation, fights signs of aging, reduces hyperpigmentation, heals acne, and more. All of this is found in one serum oil.

The AM Glow Serum by Sat Yuga Life contains a mixture of Evening Primrose oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Orange oil, Frankincense and more. These have the capabilities to heal acne, lighten hyperpigmentation, lighten skin, produce collagen, aid in blood circulation and can be anti-inflammatory.

We also carry Facial Nectar by Sorella Apothecary that complements your skin’s natural oils with a blend of oil essences for toning and hydrating.

Talk to a skincare professional here at GLOW Beauty Bar to find out what kind of oil your skin needs to start looking healthy and glowing!


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