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Different Ways To Use Our GLOWTOX Balancing Oil!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Glowtox Glow Balancing Dry Oil is a great skincare item to add to your routine to lock in moisture and give you that glass skin GLOW! But it doesn’t stop there, our balancing oil was made and constructed to serve as a multi-purpose oil so you can get the full use for your buck, here are five ways to incorporate Glowtox balancing oil!

1. Massage oil. No more baby oil. No more coconut oil. No more random creams. Homemade massage oils can be amazing but if the wrong products are added into the mixture it can cause unwanted clogging to the skin and breakouts. Our Glowtox balancing oil is an oil that is non-clogging and infuses beneficial properties to the skin.

2. Healing wounds. Wounds can be itchy, flaky and irritating on the skin. Add a drop of Glowtox oil to any wounds to help heal the area. What’s great about this, is that it will also help prevent deep scarring pigment when applied regularly.

3. Lip oil. Not only does Glowtox oil seal in moisture for your face but it’s great for hydrating your lips as well. Add a drop on your lips before bed and let all those beneficial ingredients do the work!

4. Hair oil. Does your scalp feel dry? Itchy? Dehydrated? Add a very small amount to the area that you can’t stop itching! In certain areas of the scalp, there are dry areas where moisture loss has occurred and need a balancing/anti-inflammatory oil to boost it back up!

5. Cuticles. Don’t forget your poor cuticles that need love too! Saturate your cuticles with Glowtox oil right after a manicure or on a daily basis.




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