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Back Facials are in Season - Members June Promo 20% off!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

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Body treatments are a must have for summer

We’ve got another members only promotion just in time for the summer season - Back treatments!

Now that the suns out its time to swap your sweaters, jackets and hoodies to bikinis, strapless dresses and tanks tops! But oop...did we forget about maintaining a nice smooth back?

Well here at GLOW we’ve GOT your back! - pun intended.

We offer two deep cleansing and purifying back treatments that will have your back glowing in the sun. Our first back treatment we offer is a classic ‘Back facial’ including pre cleanse, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, massage and more. This treatments is perfect for any age and any skin concern and maintaining a smooth glowing back.

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

Our next back treatment is our ‘Back Hydrafacial ’ this is a more intense (but comfortable) deep clean. Just like Hydrafacial for the face, back Hydrafacial is all about declogging your pores and infusing antioxidants. This treatment includes a mild exfoliation step with glycolic and salicylic acid penetrating deep into the skin to smoothen, brighten and clarify.

And of course! We show all of our clients their ‘Gunkie’ jar, which is the solution of everything that was extracted from the back area. This treatment is perfect for any age and any skin concern, but it’s definitely perfect for clients who have stubborn pores and texture for a more deeper clean.

P.s Back a hydrafacial also includes manual extractions as well!

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

Make sure to secure your spot for the month of June to receive your 20% off!


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