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At Home Skincare with GLOW Beauty Bar

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

During these times, it is normal to feel a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Especially because your normal day to day routine has now completely changed. You need to create a new normal for the time being, including how you care for your skin.

At GLOW Beauty Bar, even though our doors may not physically be open, we are still here to provide services and products to assist you with your skin’s health. With services, products and advice, our main goal is to keep your skin healthy with at home skincare.

The first step in your at home skincare journey, is to book your online consultation with GLOW Beauty Bar Founder, Ashley! During the consultation you can discuss your skin needs and concerns. With Ashley’s expertise, she will create a customized at home skincare routine with our line of products to help you keep your skin healthy. 

Once you have chatted with Ashley and have your list of recommended products, you can purchase all of your skincare recommendations on our website, making it easy and convenient for you! A bonus, with all orders, shipping is free! 

For some of our clients, they are fully stocked with the day-to-day at home skincare necessities and are missing the luxury of GLOW Beauty Bar’s skin treatments. With the following products, you can give yourself the spa experience from the comfort of your own home:

At GLOW Beauty Bar we understand that with the sudden change, we are affected not only physically, but emotionally as well. We want to continue to provide you with the best service, even if that means in a virtual format. We cannot wait to see you all soon!



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