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You're invited to our Medi-peel party!

Updated: Jan 9

What is a medi-peel? Read below to find out!

Full peeling ahead!

Here at glow we have different peel options.

Chemical peels assist in cellular turnover by loosening the glue that holds our dead skin cells together, our dead cells slough off, which then encourages newer cells to the surface.

Chemical peels are suitable for pro aging, sun damaged skin, and acne leaving smoother, brighter skin.


At our peel party, we will be performing the Medi Peel. This is using Circadias advanced ethanol based peels that take place in our express treatment area in less than 30 minutes.

For one day only, you can enjoy a medi peel regularly $205 for only $99!

During your appointment, your aesthetician will choose which medi peel is best for you.

After the peel application, your skin may be slightly pink. You can expect to feel tight, dry, sensitive and itchy over the next few days to 1 week. Peeling and flaking, is all normal and to be expected. Peeling generally starts on day 2 and ends around day 5. During this time it is important to stick to the post procedure protocol to ensure great results.

One of the most important post protocols to follow is no water or products on your skin for 12 hours following the peel application.

After the 12 hour period, you can begin to use gentle soothing skincare products such as a gentle cleanser, brightening serum, moisturizer, and a sunscreen for the week after your peel.

You will see benefits after one peel, but it is generally recommended to be performed in a series of 3-6 treatments 6-8weeks apart for maximum results.

Before jumping into this medi peel there are some things to consider:

- This is not the best option if this is your first facial treatment - we want to be progressive and not aggressive to ensure a safe and effective treatment

- You must be on a proper professional home care regimen with skin brighteners and tyrosinase inhibitors for at least 2 weeks prior to your peel to ensure a safe treatment and prevent hyperpigmentation

- Peel cannot be performed if you have an aspirin or salicylic allergy, or allergy to a known ingredient in the product

- No sun exposure 1 week prior to treatment

- No waxing 2 weeks prior to treatment

-Not recommended for very dehydrated skin, or compromised lipid barrier

- No retinol or exfoliant use 3 days prior to peel

-Not appropriate for Pregnant or nursing women

- Must wait 4 weeks after receiving other advanced treatments

- Other typical facial contraindications including cancer, open lesions, & accutane

-Medi peels are only appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5.

What NOT to do after a Medi peel:

  • NO sauna for 2 weeks

  • NO jacuzzi for 2 weeks

  • NO swimming for 2 weeks

  • NO water on face for 12 hours

  • NO products on skin fr 12 hours

  • NO exfoliation, acid, waxing, threading or acids on the skin for 2 weeks

  • NO exercising, alcohol or raising of the body temperature for 24 hours

Will you be trying our new Medi peel ?



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