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Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I know you all have a daily makeup routine, but do you have a makeup brush cleaning routine?

Now more than ever we should be sanitizing everything - don’t overlook your makeup brushes!

5 reasons why cleaning your brushes regularly is very important:

1. Makeup brushes accumulate bacteria over time when they are not cleaned, which can cause acne breakouts and other skin conditions.

2. Makeup brushes also accumulate dead skin cells and oil, leading to clogged pores and further breakouts.

3. Dirty brushes can cause irritation and redness to your skin if the brush hairs quality is not looked after.

4. Dirty brushes will further contaminate your makeup products, as all the bacteria, oil and dirt will transfer onto your products after continued use.

5. Makeup build up does not allow for smooth application.


It is important to clean your makeup brushes regularly as part of your beauty routine to remove any makeup residue and more importantly, any bacteria that can be bad for your skin and health.


Cleaning your brushes is a simple and easy task using the Glo Makeup Brush Cleaner.

Follow these 3 simple steps for a quick clean:


1. After using each brush, spray with Glo Makeup Brush Cleaner.


2. Gently wipe the brush against a clean paper towel to remove spray and makeup.


3. Allow brushes to fully dry before your next makeup application.


Cleaning your brushes with the Glo Makeup Brush Cleaner can be done as often as everyday, but deep cleaning (with the brush cleaner and water) is recommended weekly.


For a deep clean follow these 4 steps:


1. Rinse brush hairs under water, with the brush handle up, ensuring no water enters the base of the brush.

2. Squeeze out excess water from the brush hairs and spray with the Glo Makeup Brush Cleaner.


3. Use the palm of your hand as a surface to clean your brush, swirling the brush in circles to get the residue makeup out.


4. Give your brush another good rinse with water, squeeze out excess water, and leave to dry.


Glo Makeup brush cleaner is a great option as it helps reduce bacteria that can grow on your brushes. With a pleasant smell, this fast drying product is sure to make your beauty routine even easier!

Other tips on how to take care of your makeup brushes:

-Spray your brushes with a brush cleaner for a quick clean between colour changes

-Avoid getting the ferrule (base of the brush) wet during washing - this will prevent the glue from getting soft so that the makeup brush hairs don't become loose and start falling out

-Ensure your makeup brushes dry in a downward position, to further ensure no water gets into the ferrule

-Always store your makeup brushes in a clean container, and keep covered if stored in the bathroom

-Never share your makeup brushes with anyone

-Opt for makeup brushes that are animal friendly (faux hair)

Remember: clean brushes means cleaner makeup which means cleaner skin.



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