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Guest Blog: Sorella Apothecary Exfoliants

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Sorella Apothecary is a botanically based, professional skin care line that balances the best of both science and nature. We believe in the beauty of balance and combine natural, old-world philosophies with a dose of modern day science to create products that will bring balance back to the skin while also building it up and providing nourishment.

We leave out toxins, harsh fragrances, parabens and sulfates and pack our products with rich nutrients, and active ingredients that support your skin’s natural regenerating properties.

The Sorella philosophy is that you can achieve results without compromising your skin’s integrity. Perfectly balanced skin is glowing, healthy skin! The Sorella products offer amazing results with results driven, active ingredients and are just as luxe on the inside, as they are beautiful on the outside. When products are as pretty as ours, it also becomes a bathroom accessory and a daily reminder to treat yourself!

When our co-founders Emily and Danielle were formulating Sorella they saw a trend in skincare where a lot of people had compromised barriers that were often the result of home care regimens that were far too aggressive. It was their intention to develop a line that helped to rebuild and support the skin’s outermost layer. In every Sorella product you will find effective, targeted ingredients that are paired with nourishing ingredients for the perfect balance.

As we head into Fall it’s time to get back to basics and treat any sun damage that may have occurred during our warmer months. We have some great options for exfoliation that are gentle, yet effective! These products are a combination of Physical, Chemical and Enzymatic exfoliators that are sure to buff, polish, brighten and prep the skin for other treatment products!

Check out some of the Sorella Apothecary exfoliants below:

Mint Poppyseed Polish (mechanical) 1-2 X times per week *Can also be used as a mask*

Grapefruit Polishing Powder (Chemical, Physical, Enzymatic) 1-3 X a week

Papaya and Pumpkin Mask (Enzymatic) 1 X week

Blackberry Lime Fruitfoliant (Chemical / Enzymatic) 1 X week

By: Sorella Apothecary


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