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Ingredients you CAN live without!

With the beauty industry becoming more aware and proactive about using more natural products, it’s time for us to understand what we’re avoiding, what we should be using more of, and most importantly why. Ingredients we should avoid can get tricky when it’s a long chemical name so just remember these common ones to begin with: · Formaldehyde: a preservative. It’s bad for you because it’s a known carcinogen (substance capable of causing cancer) that can be found in hair-straightening products and nail polish.

· PEGS: polyethylene glycol compounds which come from petroleum and contains a synthetic chemical that’s most likely a carcinogen, as well as ethylene oxide which is definitely a carcinogen. This can be found in many products such as: deodorant, shampoo, sunscreen, mascara, and hair products.

· Parabens: a preservative that mimics estrogen that has been linked to breast cancer, reproductive problems, as well as developmental issues. This can be found in any type of cosmetics or skincare. · Phthalates: a group of chemicals that are harmful to both male and female reproductive systems which can be found in nail polish, hair spray, and fragrances.

· Fragrance: are scents that are made from unknown chemical blends since companies aren’t required to disclose them. If synthetic, they often contain endocrine disruptors (which can interfere with hormone systems).

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The effect of these ingredients may seem insignificant when we think about the small amount that we’re using as well as the fact that we’re using them externally. How much harm can they really do? Skin can absorb up to 60% of products that are externally applied that then sinks into your blood stream and into your body. It may be in small amounts, but you’re using them every day so it’s important to invest in products that have the least amount of the bad ingredients and at least some good ones.

Another thing to look for on the label is a cruelty-free symbol that usually comes in the form of a bunny. PETA’s “beauty without bunnies” symbol is to signify that they don’t conduct animal tests for ingredients, formulations, or finished products. GLOW proudly carries products that are mainly natural and free of most of these chemicals. Although it’s difficult to find 100% natural, a good blend of science and nature usually gives the best results. Sorella Apothecary is cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free, and mostly vegan and gluten free! Glo Skin Beauty's Calm Line is paraben, gluten, soy, fragrance, nut, and dye free. We not only want to carry products that work, but also products that won’t affect you in the long run. Connect with us to learn what would best for your skin at your complimentary skin assessment. 

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