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Gone are the days of dried out, scabby popped zits.  Stick an Exzit Patch+ directly onto a blemish to suck out the excess gunk and pus. Blemishes heal faster, forming new skin that is supple, rather than dry and tight. Conceal your spots with the patch during the day, or leave on overnight for maximum results. 

Exzit Patch Plus contains a medley of active ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and cica to target and fight acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, and clear up pores to help flatten blemishes. 

Each pack contains 56 patches

Exzit Patch Plus

  • CTRL-ZIT creates simple and effective skincare that work like pressing CTRL-Z. Strictly developing skincare with ingredients backed by research, we’ve formulated products to address skin imperfections without the use of harsh chemicals that strip away your natural skin barrier.

    • Absorbs pus and oil directly out of zits
    • Speeds up healing time by keeping skin moist
    • Reduces inflammation and risk of scarring
    • Protects from pimple picking and bacteria infection
    • Seamlessly blends into skin and conceal spots
    • Basically your BFF during pimple emergencies