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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

As the spread of COVID-19 becomes more prevalent, we find it necessary to explain the cautionary measures we’ve taken to lower the risk of transmission here at GLOW.

We understand that everyone is doing their part to reduce the spread of this virus. We want to assure you that we are keeping our health and yours a top priority.

Although none of the points below are new, we wanted to make you aware of what we do on a regular basis, and we are of course increasing our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

If you have ever been to GLOW, you know that cleanliness is a high priority for us as we deal with blood on a daily basis.

-We have procedures we follow every morning, before and after each client, each night, weekly, and monthly

-We properly clean, sanitize and sterilize all of our equipment and tools after each client with hospital grade sanitization products

-We use single use items and dispose of them in a sharps containerWe wear masks and gloves during treatments

-We wash and sanitize our hands thoroughly and often

-We have had 3 routine checks (and passes) from Health Canada in the last two years (with the last check being only 2 weeks ago)

One of the benefits of GLOW is that it is a small, intimate place. We give ourselves 30 minutes after each client to properly clean and change over the room. We provide a boutique experience and never book back-to-back.

We are extremely cautious of the state of our own health as we work in such close proximity to you, and encourage you to also be mindful of the state of yours- recognizing if you are feeling off and taking the right precautions thereafter. Please be sure to wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer, and avoid touching your face.

Let’s focus on facts, not fear, support those in need in our community, and support small businesses during this time.

Since many of you have some time off, it is a perfect time to get out there and support local businesses and practice self-care and destress. If you are practicing social distancing and choosing to stay home, or are being affected financially, here are a few ways you can support local businesses from your couch!

-Write a google review about your most recent service

-Like/comment on IG photos

-Share company posts on your stories

-Reschedule versus cancel

-Refer a friend

-Shop online

-Check on them

Also due to the increased stress, your skin and body will need some extra TLC so here are some ways to destress and practice self-care from home.

-Deep clean/spring clean your home. Nothing brings me more clarity and satisfaction than a clean home

-Meal prep for the week

-Go for a walk or do some yoga/exercise from home

-Enjoy a bubble bath with a good book and a hydrating mask

-Breathing exercises

-Create lists – dumping everything from your head onto paper gives you better clarity on what to tackle

-Tackle some of your to do items

-Garden & yard clean up

-Catch up on your TV shows

-Limit your screen time

-Read our free acne e-book or bridal beauty countdown

-Book appointments for a massage, mani/pedi, haircut, eyebrow wax, spray tan, teeth cleaning or whitening, physical, eye checkup and facial – NOW you’re ready for spring!

-Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep, drink lots of water, and clean your makeup brushes!

We are here for you and look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon!

Love Ashley and the GLOW Beauty Bar team.



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