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Nano Infusion

60 mins

Member Pricing | $225
Non-Member Pricing | $250

Using the Osmosis RevitaPen Pro, a series of painless, non invasive nano-channels are created in the skin, driving the professional blend of active ingredients deep into the surface layers to deliver instant results.  

The enhanced product absorption will allow active ingredients to be more efficiently utilized leaving your skin immediately plump, smooth and radiant. Perfect for treating acne, pigmentation and aging concerns.

Customize your treatment by adding on an Anteage booster to target specific conditions for increased correction. Choose from Clarifying, Brightening or Anti-aging. 

For all skin types and conditions. No downtime.

Available Add-Ons:


Lymphatic Drainage

Anteage Booster

Holistic Massage

Additional Extraction Time


LED Light Therapy

Neck & Chest

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