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Holistic Buccal Facial

1.5 hrs

Member Pricing | $247.50
Non-Member Pricing | $275

The Holistic Buccal Facial is a relaxing face lift massage that incorporates inner oral (buccal) massage to provide overall rejuvenation of the skin without injections by stimulation of blood flow and oxygen to the tissues, releases muscle tension while sculpting and toning the muscles, detoxification of the lymphatic system with manual lymphatic drainage, stress relief by calming the nervous system, and improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin via stimulation of skin cell regeneration that aid in the prevention of wrinkles.

This treatment is appropriate for all skin types 25+ concerned with anti-aging. No-downtime involved with results visible for 24-72 hours. This high touch treatment includes buccal massage which involves the gloved hand of the aesthetician massaging the inner oral area.

Benefits Include

Benefits include release of muscle tension, sculpted appearance, stress relief, reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, glowing skin.

Available Add-Ons

LED Light Therapy

Stimu Glow Boost

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