The name says it all. We were looking for a plant-based collagen that was just as effective in keeping our skin bright, tight, and looking right all-year round. Better Than Botox is a 3x superfood berry blend with Mother Nature's most potent sources of nutrients that is instantly bioavailable for the skin: Sea Buckthorn, Schisandra Berry and Camu Camu. These three berries contain Mother Nature's richest sources of Omega 7's, Vitamin C, D, and E, and as a result, the antioxidants we need to fight signs of rapid aging. 


Better Than Botox

  • Gluten free, keto, sugar free

    Berry forward

    Best in water and food

    Good got people with dry skin

    Vibrant skin & Hair

    Bright, tight skin

    Safe for breastfeeding women

    Rich in sources of omega 7, Vit c, d, e, and antioxidants

    Pitta & Kapha balancing


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