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Tips To Get You Ready For Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning can be fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time.  How do I want my hair to look? What makeup trend am I going for? How do I keep my skin glowing and soft for the big day? Wedding planning is so much more than choosing a venue, an invite list, and some tasty meal options.  That’s why we want to give you a few tips to help make sure you personally prepare yourself in the months leading up to your special day!

It’s important to treat your skin extra-well previous to your wedding.  Make sure you aren’t cheating your skin of the things it needs, like water, antioxidants and sun protection. In addition to your at-home skin routine, we suggest having a consultation with our medical aesthetician to find out what treatments and services are right for your skin type. As your wedding quickly approaches, customized facials are also a good idea for stressed out brides, as they’re an opportunity for you to focus on your areas of concern.  Once your day is less than a week away, we encourage brides to exfoliate and moisturize their body daily. Finally, we know this is a busy week filled with excitement and stress; however, never underestimate the power of beauty sleep.

While your skin receives the royal treatment, you might want to start thinking about which makeup style you want to wear for your wedding day.  Of course, this is a decision only you can make, but if you’re struggling coming to a firm conclusion, we can offer you our two cents. Here at GLOW Beauty Bar, we strongly believe that classic looks are classic for a reason. Pinterest and New York City’s Bridal Fashion Week are also great places to start when looking for some bridal inspiration.  They can keep you in the loop as to what this year’s wedding trends are.

As for 2019 trends, glowing skin is ALWAYS in, and the 2019 shows boldly let us know that this look will be a trend in the upcoming year.  Hair bows, again, are becoming another popular piece for brides and this year we can expect to see even more statement bows.

Designers and wedding stylists also predict that Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s iconic ‘undone bun look’ at her 2018 royal wedding will be seen much more in 2019.  Yay! Messy buns are finally a bridal trend? Well, kind of. These ‘undone’ styles may look effortlessly beautiful, but they are intentionally designed to be this way. Even if these styles are not as ‘effortless’ as they appear, intentionally messy or undone hair is on the rise for 2019.

Lashes are another beauty service that can make all the difference. We all want perfect lashes for the big day, but what about our pre-wedding events, like engagement photos, the Buck and Doe, or a bridal shower? We recommend Kasha strip lashes. They’re the perfect way to ensure beautiful lashes for all of those big moments. These lashes are customized to you, as they come in 10 different styles. However, that’s only one of the great things about them. The best part is they can easily be taken off and reapplied multiple times! Canadian and made from silk, these lashes are known for their durability and designed to give each bride 20 or more wears per set.  Come by GLOW Beauty Bar to check out which set of lashes would suit your style best. While we’re more than happy to apply the lashes for you, you can actually easily apply these lashes by yourself. Strip lashes by Kasha are the perfect solution to all your wedding day lash concerns.

Our last wedding tip is one brides can actually use on the day of their wedding. Brides are subject to a wide mix of emotions on your wedding day and we want to make sure you have the makeup to prepare you for that. It’s a good idea to keep our custom kits handy with you for when you want to touch-up. We believe powder and lipstick/lipliner are a must have when considering touch-ups. The best part is that the touch up kits are full size products customized just for you at your bridal trial.

We want you to look back on your wedding planning with happy memories and keep it as stress-free as possible. After all, this day is about you and your partner, but we hope we gave you some valuable tips to make this process easier.

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