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Professional Training at GLOW

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

GLOW offers training for industry professionals looking to strengthen and expand their skillset. You will receive private, one-on-one instruction. By the end of your lesson, you will discover new tricks, tips, and techniques to bring to your workplace!

Visit our events page to see upcoming course dates. 

Dermaplaning has become one of the most advanced exfoliation treatments for removing unwanted dead skin and peachy fuzz. It’s specifically glorified for it’s painless nature and zero downtime! This treatment not only increases product penetration by removing the pesky outermost layer of our skin, but allows makeup to glide on seamlessly by creating the perfect canvas to work with. It also acts as the perfect add-on to any one of your pre-existing treatments to increase the efficacy of the treatment. We know that trends in this industry come and go, but can assure you that this one is here to stay! So we’ve decided to partner up and create the perfect workshop for you to learn how to perform this treatment with all it’s safety measures, tips and tricks in the bag. You’ll be a seasoned professional in no time, and your clients will LOVE you for it. 

With the consistent increase in UVA/UVB research, most of us have learned or at least partially understand the awful repercussions of being a sun-lover. Most of us are guilty of it, and rightfully so- who doesn’t love a good GLOW? While we always encourage the diligent use of sunscreen, we’ve began to side with the experts these days and opt for a more healthy alternative- sunless tanning. Spray tanning has also become one of the most sought after treatments in this industry- having a serious client retention rate and unmatched return on investment. Super quick and painless, you have the ability to customize shades all year round so your clients will never look overdone and will always come running back to you for more. Becoming a pro is easy once you’ve got the moves down pat, and we’re here to help you get comfortable with colour! 

Makeup is something we all love to play with, until things go horribly wrong! I think we’ve all been in the position where our desired delicate wing ended up looking like less of a cat eye and more of a checkmark.. Whether you need to perfect your wing, learn how to contour your specific face shape, or lift your lids to draw attention to your eyes- we’ve got all the tips and tricks for you. As industry professionals, we’ve spent our lives dedicated to perfecting our craft through courses and seminars just like these. We’ve compiled all of our knowledge and experience to offer you the chance to learn all of the little details that will take you to where you wish to be!

A huge part of our industry, in fact the biggest part of our industry- involves our clients. The information that we share with them, the time we invest in them, the care we give to them- all of this is vital in guiding them to where they need to be. Conducting yourself, and representing your business with integrity are both crucial to the foothold you create for yourself. Retail is a necessary aspect of any business, but in our industry- it requires knowledge, right judgement, honesty and care. When creating a skincare regimen for clients, it’s important that we marry all of these qualities to produce the best results for them, everytime. We’ve designed a course that will help you identify ways to become a better seller by putting your clients at the top of your business model, and ensuring retention with integrity.

SO, are you wanting to add any of these services to your current spa menu?




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