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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Skincare goals in mind but no idea how to achieve them? GLOW Beauty Bar is here for you with our various Membership Programs! With each of our membership programs - VIP Membership, Acne Membership, Virtual Membership - you can get all the skincare TLC and professional assistance you need on a monthly basis! At GLOW, we pride ourselves on providing customized and personal wellness programs and luxurious services suited to each client and their specific skin care goals and needs. Becoming a private GLOW member comes with a wide range of perks and benefits that will leave you feeling your best, with your most perfect face yet!

Which GLOW Membership Program is right for you? VIP Membership Everyone wants to feel like a VIP, so why not treat yourself to the ultimate spa pamper day monthly? The VIP membership is for anyone who is looking to take their self-care game to the next level and wants to get all the perks that GLOW has to offer. In addition to monthly facials at GLOW, VIP members receive LED light therapy, a relaxing scalp massage, and a luxury gold Casmara mask add-on to each treatment. Being a VIP also gives you exclusive access to events, a special in-house menu, discounts, and testing of new products and services before launch, and more!

Acne Membership The Acne membership program is for anyone who is looking to see a great difference in their skin and focuses on ultimate skin health and goals. With monthly facial treatments, including LED light therapy and HydraFacial packages, your progress will be tracked through skin imaging every 3/4 months to ensure your skin goals are being met. This membership option gives you access to all the benefits of the VIP tier, as well as offers additional perks to keep your skin and health in check. As part of the acne program, you will be provided with guidance from a naturopath to learn how you can aid your skin's health from the inside out - with skin supplements, a juice cleanse, and a printed copy of our acne e-book that is filled with information and tips on the lifestyle habits that will help change your skin!

Virtual Membership If you live outside of the Etobicoke area, you're too busy to come into the spa on a monthly basis, or prefer to practice at-home skincare, becoming a virtual GLOW member is the perfect option for you. Our skin experts will guide you in creating a personalized skincare routine in the comfort of your own home and will be there to keep you on track, overcoming any bumps in the road. With a thorough online consultation with a naturopath and skin aesthetician, a hand-picked skincare product regimen, and monthly progress checks, you'll be on your way to reaching your skin care goals with your at-home facial game. To keep you on top, you will also receive skin supplements, discounts on products and membership boxes with new products and samples, and more.

For a detailed outline of each of the GLOW Membership Programs, click here. Don’t forget that consistency is essential for meeting your skincare goals! Not only is it important to be consistent with your skincare routine day and night, but it is even more important to stay consistent with your monthly facial treatments in order to actually see the results you want... And a GLOW membership will make it that much easier to stay on top of the skincare game! BUY NOW PAY LATER - FINANCING AVAILABLE Become a member today! We can’t wait to share the GLOW experience with you! Xo, GLOW


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