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Microneedling 3.0

2 hrs

Member Pricing | $414
Non-Member Pricing | $460

We have combined 2 of our most popular treatments to give you the Microneedling 3.0 Facial - Microneedling, Jet Peel and LED Light Therapy. 

The Microneedling 3.0 consists of Microneedling, mask, soothing Jet Peel treatment and LED Light Therapy. By combining these  treatments together, we will be able to soothe the skin after microneedling, add a boost of hydration, and infuse micro-peels to target specific concerns. Studies have shown that the combination of Microneedling with a light peel has positive effects on wrinkles, and scarring.

Available Add-Ons:

Neck, Chest & Hands


LED Light Therapy

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